6 good reasons to create a corporate video

To make your company stand out from the crowd and stand out from your competitors, you have certainly already implemented many actions: website, presence on social networks and diversification of your communication channels.

Video camera for corporate video

But do you use the video enough? We can never repeat it enough, we are in the age of image and video. You must therefore use this last medium as much as possible, it is a question of your brand image.

Many types of videos exist but here we will focus on corporate video.

What is a corporate video?

As its name suggests, corporate video (or corporate film) is a way of presenting your company. You can highlight some of your products, or even your customers through a testimonial, but the primary objective is to communicate your values, your history and your activity.

Depending on your strategy, you can use the corporate film for both internal and external communication. But in any case, your video should not exceed 5 minutes, because to be effective, the corporate video must be short, original, easy to understand and memorize.

Why create a corporate video?

Many situations lend themselves to the creation of a corporate film, here are 6 good reasons.

1. A corporate video to enhance your image

If properly produced, a corporate video always gives a more serious image to the general public.

As a tool in its own right for your communication, you can use your video to promote your activity to potential investors, but also in a press kit, on a stand at a trade fair or as an introduction to your company’s event.

You will thus convey a modern and dynamic image.

2. A corporate video to win over more Internet users

Today, Internet users no longer have time. They want to have access to information as quickly as possible, so even if you have planned parts where you present your activity and values on your website, not all your visitors will take the time to read your texts.

A video on your home page will attract much more attention because it is a fun medium that allows a better assimilation of information.

Your corporate video will reach even more people because you can easily share it on your various social networks. Add a call to action and many visitors will potentially turn into future customers: Read on: How to optimize your videos for Facebook?

And if your storytelling is well done, your video can quickly become viral.

3. A company video to improve your referencing

Your presence (qualitative and quantitative) on the Internet is an important factor for your natural referencing. However, as we have just seen, a corporate video can be shared on many media, thus considerably increasing your visibility.

Since 2014, Google has been committed to providing Internet users with high-quality, multimedia content. You will have noticed that Google offers different types of results: text, images and videos, with video occupying a larger place on your screen.

4. A company video to recruit

Your corporate video can be used in your recruitment process.

In addition to your ads on the various job sites, you can for example post your corporate film on social networks by indicating the profile you are looking for.

Your visibility will be greater and you will attract many talents.

5. A corporate video to help your sales representatives

When your sales representatives go to the field, they will have a powerful tool to introduce themselves.

Your corporate video will be a guarantee of seriousness and will convey a quality image to your prospects.

6. A corporate video to save money

Getting a quality corporate video sometimes requires a good grasp of the portfolio, but remember that you will then save a lot of money.

Your corporate film can replace your flyers or commercial brochures.

Don’t forget also that the cost of broadcasting on the Internet is almost zero. You will be able to communicate on a large scale without paying too much money.

Finally, your corporate video can be recycled: you can reuse it as many times as you like on many media.

Our latest tips

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Feel free to stand out thanks to an original script and different shooting techniques.